Tales for the Son of My Unborn Child:
Berkeley 1966-1969

Critical Praise

"A collection of brief brilliant portraits...he is able to catch vividly the extremes of idealism and despair, generosity and power-grabbing, vision and incredible delusion, all without falling prey to sentimentality or bitterness."

--San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle

"An adroit debut...individuals observed with a keen and compassionate eye."

--Boston Globe

"Farber's viewpoint is fresh, his report more lucid than those of the underground press, more human than all the sociological analysis."

--Publishers Weekly

"His stories reveal the common humanity of their subject, and a book that could have been a gallery of freaks becomes instead a testament to the times in which we live. Farber presents the courage and disaster of individual lives, and from them he draws a visin of their common fate, the blietzkrieg destiny of a generation...As the title suggests, the book is an act of bearing witness, and also a message, to be carried by love and the continutity of life itself.

--Harvard Magazine

"With thoughtfulness and perceptivity rarely seen, Farber shares with us...a series of vivid vignettes."

--Library Journal